Pitch Guide

Which Pitch should I book?


I have a caravan but my friends have a tent. Can we still be together?

If you wish to book a Touring pitch which has a Camping pitch next to it, look at the following touring pitches 2 through to 12 and book a camping pitch between 1 & 9 which is the closest to your chosen Touring Pitch. (See site map)

Alternatively you can book camping pitches 16 to 25 in the tenting field near the D pitches and book the corresponding numbered D pitch, i.e camping pitch 17 & D17

Or book our dual use pitches number D1 to D27. They are 10m x 10m grass pitches with electric hook up, suitable for either tents or caravans.

I am travelling with friends, are there any double pitches?

Yes, Pitches 70,71,72A & 72B

I would like to be near the lake, which pitch should I book?

34,35,36,37,38,66,67,68,69,70,71,72A & 72B

I don’t want to be near the camping area, which pitch should I choose?

If you wish to be away from the camping areas pick a touring pitch 34 or above. Please be aware that the D in D pitches stands for dual use and these can be booked for tents, caravans or motorhomes.

I need to be close to the toilet block, which pitch is closest?

5,6,38,39,72B &73

I don’t want to pitch up under trees, which should I pick?

The area from pitch 49 to 65 is a more open area.

I want a camping pitch with electric hook up, what pitch should I choose?

Pick Camping pitch 1- 9 & 16 to 25 or one of our Dual pitches D1-D27.

I want a camping pitch without electric hook up, what pitch shall I choose?

Pick Camping pitch 10 to 15.

What size are the camping pitches and what length of electric cable do I need?

The camping pitches are approx 7  x 7 m and require a standard 25m cable. Our dual pitches D1-D25 are approx 10m x 10m.

Can I park on my pitch?

For camping  pitches 1 to 15 there is a car parking area close to the pitch. For camping pitches 16 to 25 you can park on the pitch. Please remember when booking you must allow enough room for your tent and car to fit on the pitch. Dual pitches D1-D25 you can park on the pitch.

Can I put more than one tent on a pitch?

No, sorry we do not allow you to put more than one tent per pitch. This is due to fire safety regulations.

Can I put a Tent up on my Touring pitch?

No, sorry. Again this is due to fire safety regulations, which insist that a fire gap must be present between caravans/tents etc

I have a RV/5th Wheel, which pitches are suitable for me?

We have plenty of pitch which can accommodate 30ft + vehicles. We would recommend 35, 38, 57, 58, 59, 60, 62, 63,  67, 71, 72B, 80 to 88