Nature Walks & Talks

2018 dates to be confirmed, watch this space for updates…


Nature Weekends in 2017

For 2017 we hosted several nature weekends across the year. These included talks by local experts and walks across the park and surrounding areas. So if you want to learn more about the natural habitat and wildlife around you come down and join us once our dates for 2018 have been set!

Early April marks a time of departures and arrivals in the natural world. Birds which have migrated here from northern latitudes for the winter are leaving, and those migrating from the south to breed here are starting to arrive. At the same time, early spring flowers are showing, frogs and toads are spawning, and for most other animals increasing temperatures and day length lead to breeding and improved feeding opportunities. The walk will tend to concentrate on bird life, but other aspects of the fauna and flora of the Country Park and its surrounds will be included.


TBC – High Summer
By now most birds are rearing young, summer flowers are in full bloom and insect activity is at a peak. This walk will take in a variety of habitats in and around the Country Park, including ponds and lakes, conservation grassland, arable fields and hedges and woodland.

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Late Summer

By this time the summer migrants are leaving, dragonflies are appearing over the ponds, and autumn flowers are in bloom. Many small birds have formed foraging flocks, moving through the trees to feed and put on fat for long migration flights, or in preparation for winter. Others are starting to arrive from further north, either passing through or to spend the winter here. The Country Park is at the hub of a varied wildlife area, so there is always a good chance of some interesting sightings.

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